Prabowo VS Jokowi - Epic Rap Battles Of Presidency

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    Hidup Indonesia! Siapa yang menang? Kalian yang tentukan! 17 April 2019. Pilpres dan Pemilu 2019! #TheRematch #PrabowoVsJokowi #EpicRapBattlesOfPresidency

    This video's format is inspired by Nice Peter (
    and epicLLOYD (
    from the Epic Rap Battles of History Series.

    We recognize completely that this format is theirs and we are merely using this format as a medium in which we as YouTubers can share the story of the upcoming elections in Indonesia. We mean no violations of intellectual property and we are merely doing this for entertainment purposes. Thank you very much to the guys who do the original show.
    And as for the video itself, this is a fun video, not to be taken seriously by anyone, particularly, Indonesians.
    Please enjoy and may we have an amazing election process on the 17th of April 2019.
    This is by no means a political campaign of any sort.

    This has been a Da Lopez Entertainment Production.
    Executive Producer - Andovi da Lopez & Jovial da Lopez
    Director - @andovidalopez @Jovialdalopez
    Music by Myst DeiSanto @mystdeisanto

    Thank you to everyone involved in this production.

    Production Manager: Anastasia Febri - @anastasiafebri

    Talent Coordinator: Bella Tobing - @bellzky16

    Make Up Artist: Nathania Ingrid - @niaingrid

    Asst. MUA: Josephine Gratia - @josephinegratia

    Asst. Director: Karina Taurusia - @karinataurusia

    DoP: Leontius Tito - @leontiustito

    Gaffer: Muhammad Abdulloh - @m2abdulloh

    Asst. Cam. : Andreas Kurniadi - @masdeas

    Lighting Team:
    - Raka Jaya
    - Hizkia
    - Hugo Sagalang
    - Sawiji

    Art Director: Dave Aryza - @davearyza

    Art Team:
    - Echose
    - Gerry Fernando
    - Dea “Ambon”

    Wardrobe Coordinator: Clara Jovita - @clarajovita

    Wardrobe Asst.: Regita Arisdyasty - @regitaaris

    Editor Supervisor: Axel Christian - @acjoo

    Asst. Production Manager: Ancilla Pramudita - @anchira

    BTS: Kamalik - @vincentkamalik

    Editor: Anmax Studio -

    Executive Producer: SkinnyIndonesian24 - @andovidalopez @jovialdalopez

    Channel skinnyindonesian24

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